As farmers markets continue to re-appear as a vital commercial hubs and vibrant meeting places for the community, both the National USDA and the Commonwealth of Virginia have declared Farmers Market Week — August 5-11, 2012.

In Virginia alone, the number of markets has risen from 88 in 2006 to over 208 in 2012.  That’s well over twice as many markets!  In a press release from the Virginia Department of Agriculture announcing the Governor’s recognition, our very own Onancock Market was mentioned as one of the newest in the state.  (Click here to read the press release)

Needless to say, we are excited to be among this rising number of markets which benefit the local economy and increase accessibility of nutritious, flavorful food to the community grown right here on the Eastern Shore.  We agree with the Department of Agriculture when they say that among the reasons markets are so beneficial to all involved:

Products sold at farmers’ markets are grown nearby, minimizing the time it takes to move them from field to fork and maximizing their time-sensitive flavors and nutrients. This means buyers get a bonus of taste and nutrition with every produce purchase. Farmers benefit, too, from the markets’ readymade sales outlets and the opportunity to increase their financial returns by selling directly to buyers.

Join us in celebrating Farmers Market Week on August 11th …. or why not for the whole month of August!

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