Upon entering Angela Faraguna’s Parksley bungalow, we are enveloped in the aroma of warm Italian Bread.  Angie leads the way to her kitchen where fresh loaves are cooling on racks and we peer into the oven to see more loaves reaching a perfect brown crustiness.  In the corner a large bin is filled with packages of Angela’s Gourmet Pasta ready for sale at The Market.  As Angie works, she chats about learning to bake as a young child at her mother’s side and her quest to replicate the wonderful Italian breads and bagels she grew up eating on Long Island, NY.  She moves deftly around her large, sun-filled kitchen, in a well-rehearsed choreography of measuring, kneading and timing.  The Rosemary French Loaves go in the oven, the 5 Grain dough is formed into boules, the Sweet Dough has finished rising and Angie rolls it out, sprinkles on cinnamon sugar and plump raisins and forms it into butter basted loaves ready for baking.  Ummm…The scent of rosemary follows us out the door and our parting thought is that Saturday morning shopping at The Onancock Market can’t come soon enough!  SEE PHOTOS