For the safety of our patrons and vendors during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Onancock Market’s pedestrian lot will not open until further notice. However, you may now order online each week from your favorite local Food Vendors! Place your order from noon Sunday through midnight Wednesday, and pay with credit card, PayPal or SNAP/EBT. Saturday mornings, 9am-12pm, drive up to the front of 20 Market Street and your order will be placed in your car!

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Joel is a woodworker who looks to share his appreciation and love for wood and the wonderful things one can do with it. His wood is usually locally sourced from trees that are already slated for removal because of disease, safety concerns, required thinning, or natural weather causes. Recently he has been placing increased emphasis on the use of salvaged materials and highlighting natural imperfections or defects rather than discarding them.

Member of the ESVA Artisans Guild.

Joel Simpson, Hallwood

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